Tennis Team Update

Just a quick update on the current tennis standings! The Season is 3 weeks in, and we are still waiting on some results from this week. There has been a mixed start for Waverley’s tennis teams with 9 wins in 19 matches. Several teams got promoted last year and will have to be at their best to compete at this new level! Standings so far…..

Mens 1sts- 2 wins out of 3 matches – 3rd in Division 2

Mens 2nds – 2 wins out of 3 – 2nd in Division 6

Mens 3rds – 1 win out of 3 – 6th in Division 9

Ladies 1sts- 1 win out of 3 – 5th in Division 1

Ladies 2nds – 2 wins out of 3 – 3rd in Division 3

Ladies 3rds – 0 wins out of 2 – bottom of Division 3

Ladies 4ths – 1 win out of 2 – 3rd in Division 5

If you are interested in helping the teams out, then contact Club captains Siobhan Fontenla or Scott Tulloch!

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