Join the Club

Membership Subscriptions for April 2019-March 2020

Adults and families can join for both sports or Squash or Tennis only

Junior and Intermediate subscriptions are for both squash and tennis

There are no additional court fees, match fees or floodlight fees

For security there is a card key entry system

Membership Fees

Below are the subscription rates for 2019-2020. Members who are renewing their subscriptions must submit payment along with a completed renewal form by 31/03/2019. New members can join at any time during the year and will only pay for the months from joining until the following 31 March – please contact the Membership Secretary for more information.


Ordinary £430
Husband and Wife £710
Family £850
Intermediate (19-25 or full-time student) £200
Junior 11-18 £105
Junior (Up to age 10) £ 75
Midweek and Country £310
Vintage (60 and over) £410
Single Activity Membership  
Squash Only Ordinary £410
Squash Only Family £800
Squash Only Vintage (60 and over) £360
Tennis Only Ordinary £410
Tennis Only Family £800
Tennis Only Vintage (60 and over) £360
Fitness Only (restricted) £275
Non-Playing (restricted) £ 45

Annual membership fees can be paid in instalments if agreed with the Membership Secretary

Contact the Club for a look around. The Membership Secretary will advise on the appropriate categories and any applicable waiting list.

You can also download an application form here which should be sent to the Membership Secretary.

Application Form (PDF format)


  • Age at preceding 1st January applies
  • Family membership – one or both parents with one child or more qualifying for Junior membership. Children over 18 pay at appropriate adult rate
  • Student category only open to full-time undergraduates who should provide evidence of course being taken
  • Midweek – 9am-4pm Mon-Fri only. Country – no address or employment within 40 mile radius
  • Non-playing membership restricted to adjacent proprietors, members of families of members, former members and any person on waiting list for Ordinary membership
  • Vintage membership open to all