Wimbledon Ticket Ballot Reminder

Just a little reminder to all our members signed up to British Tennis Membership (BTM) about the Wimbledon Ticket ballot!

This year, BTM’s need to declare their interest in the ticket ballot and clubs affiliated to the LTA will be allocated tickets based on how many members declare an interest! To that end, we are urging all BTM’s at Waverley to log in to their account on the LTA website and “opt-in” for the ballot.

British Tennis Membership ,if you don’t already know, is free for anyone in an affiliated club like Waverley and you can simply search for “Join British Tennis” and follow the instructions!

Current members can log in to the LTA site by clicking here – https://www2.lta.org.uk/Login/

Even if you aren’t planning to go, every person opted in could help someone else in the club!

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