Group lessons


Our main programme and best one if you want to learn new things, improve all aspects in your game and can commit in advance for a block of lessons.

We cover all levels and standards. Groups are homogeneous according to these.

Flexibility. Ask for as many hours as you want, the days and times you can make. We will try our best to give you what you are looking for.



  • Commitment until the end of the term (see calendar below).
  • Payment in advance. Deadline of 15 days since the invoice is sent.
  • Junior players need to become members of the Club. Junior membership fees are very reasonable though and that will allow them not only to enjoy the Academy but also all the facilities! More info about membership here.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions.



  • Low prices and discounts.
  • Non-members welcome (adults).
  • Priority over any other WTA programme.
  • Individual notification by email and text message in case of cancellation.
  • Individual reports for the juniors at the end of every term so their parents can see their progression.
  • Different internal competitions: leagues, knockout tournaments…
  • WTA Analysis.
  • Eligible for WTA T4 (Top Training Tennis Team).
  • Backup plan in our indoor facilities to keep improving our juniors’ game: racquet skills, footwork, fitness, analysing their technique in TV, watching tennis videos (for example tactics), WTA trivial pursuit
  • Access to the following:
    • Credit system (old recovery system) in case you need to cancel any of your lessons. Link to form below.
    • Goals system. General and specific contents are structured and organised in advance.
    • Reward system to help our juniors developing their personal skills and motivate them to have a good attitude towards their learning process.
    • Leaders system. WTA leaders course… for free! After that we will try our best to give them some regular coaching hours in the Academy.
    • Racquets system. Forgot your racquet? Not sure about buying one just now? Don’t worry, you can use one of our spare ones!
    • Members area.


[click on image for cancellations/recoverings]


  • The more hours you ask for, the cheaper they are:
    • 1 hour/week: £8.00
    • 2 h/w: £7.00
    • 3 h/w: £6.00
    • 4 h/w: £5.00
    • 5 h/w: £4.50
    • 6 h/w or more: £4.00
  • Adults: £6.00/h (non-members £8.00/h)



  • 1st term: Monday 4th September to Friday 22nd December (16 weeks).
  • 2nd term: Monday 8th January to Saturday 31st March (12 weeks).
  • 3rd term: Monday 16th April to Sunday 1st July (11 weeks).
  • Winter party: Sunday 17th December.
  • Spring party: Sunday 25th March.
  • Summer party: Sunday 24th June.