Shiatsu Shin Tai

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Shiatsu Shin Tai is an excellent way to help recover from niggling injuries, sore muscles and to relax after a tough match. Liz is a keen and regular tennis player of the Waverley Tennis Academy.

Discount price is £40 for 75 minutes.

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Shiatsu Shin Tai
Restoring motion, alignment & vitality
Transformational holistic bodywork
Liz Arundel BA, MRSS(T)

Shiatsu Shin Tai & Craniosacral Therapy
Shiatsu Society registered practitioner and teacher – MRSS(T)
College of Craniosacral Therapy Graduate

Liz has been registered as a Shiatsu practitioner and international teacher for 30 years and has used her expertise to treat thousands of people in the UK.

She practices in a quiet clinic room in her house in Duddingston with free parking and numerous buses.

Do you feel:

  • You have symptoms and conditions that keep recurring and don’t clear up e.g back pain, fatigue, digestive problems?
  • You can’t get projects to move forward?
  • You have feelings of being ineffective?
  • Your job or career feels unrewarding and stagnant?
  • You have a lack of creativity and enthusiasm?
  • You are overwhelmed and under constant pressure?

Shin Tai (source body) is a dynamic form of bodywork that fuses traditional Shiatsu treatment, using thumb and elbow pressure on meridians, with more subtle and gentle touch. This includes techniques to release the soft tissue (fascia), joint and muscles, and chakra work.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is very beneficial for many physical complaints such as lower back pain, sports injuries and joint stiffness. Stress, fatigue, not moving projects forward and depression can also be eased with Shiatsu.


Liz’s approach is to help the receiver recover their life force, to discover for themselves what makes them happy in life and support them in being fully alive in the present. The treatment encourages the client to be able to let go of past experiences that hold them back and future worries or anxieties.

She has studied with Saul Goodman, the pioneer of Shin Tai, since 1986 and is the most experienced Shin Tai teacher in the UK and the only trained Shiatsu Shin Tai teacher in Scotland. She is currently instructing Shin Tai courses in Edinburgh, London and Slovenia.

Liz had the good fortune to study with eminent international Shiatsu masters in London during the 80s and 90s – Ohashi, Pauline Sasaki and Shizuto Yamamoto. She was taught CST by one of the leading teachers in the UK, Thomas Attlee, and graduated from the College of CST in 1993.